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          Intelligent Building Site2020-07-21

          Brief Introduction of Construction Safety and Quality of networking solutions

          Hikvision depending on the construction engineering Security Quality object networking management resolve programme for construction site security accident more status, based on site dangerous Source analysis of and the Government Head of Sector business demand, provide site visual of remote management system, and tower type overweight machine Security Monitoring Management System, and engineering vehicles position system and the construction lifts security monitoring system, and digital mass Ann prison comprehensive management system such as, to help the Government Head of Sector specification building site construction job, protection life security, improve the government regulation efficiency.
          Background and challenges

          Construction industry is an important material production sector and one of the pillar industries of China's national economy. It plays an important role in improving living conditions, perfecting infrastructure, absorbing labor force and promoting economic growth.At the same time, the construction of industry is also a safety accident prone high-risk industries.In recent years, in the national and local government departments at all levels and industry attention and joint efforts of construction production safety accidents dropped year by year, quality improved, but there is no denying the fact that situation is still grim, especially with the advancement of urbanization in our country, the scale of construction project will continue to expand, the construction quality and safety are not to be lightly.

          How to strengthen the construction site safety management, reduce the frequency of accidents, put an end to all kinds of illegal operations and uncivilized construction, improve the quality of construction projects, will still be placed in the government departments at all levels, the industry and the majority of scholars before an important research topic.

          In view of the present safety regulation and prevention means relatively backward, the construction enterprises informationization level is still low, the informationization has not yet been deep into the present situation of the core business, production safety of the construction safety production needs of informationization means "intelligent" regulation, by building construction site safety intelligent integrated management system, further to carry out the enterprise safety oversight responsibility, improve the government, the enterprise for remote field engineering management level, speed up the enterprise of safe hidden trouble processing in engineering field.The government promotes enterprises to improve the construction of Internet of Things by issuing relevant regulations and documents, and further improves the safety supervision level through this system.Through the government overall planning, coordinate various business management departments, around the security supervision system as the core, the technology on the technology of the Internet of things, the technical force of science and technology and safety supervision system tight collection, set up comprehensive provincial - level emergency management agencies, to realize system innovation, can be unified disposition of production safety in the field of all kinds of events.

                   Hikvision construction engineering safety quality iot system is mainly composed of information collection, network access layer, network layer, layer of information storage and processing, USES the advanced Internet technology, mobile terminal for law enforcement, construction lifter, tower crane operation of dynamic situation, the site around the video data and residue in car position, velocity and concrete information in a timely manner to integrated management platform.The integrated management platform fuses each subsystem and conducts alarm linkage and other processing.All levels of management departments can timely and accurately understand the situation of the site, which will effectively improve the efficiency of project management and site management.

          • 4444.jpg


          System will build provinces and cities, counties, three-level linkage field engineering construction site safety intelligent integrated management measures, in accordance with the permissions Settings, the principle of classification management, provincial construction department, the city construction bureau, construction engineering safety surveillance, district construction bureau, safety supervision and substation supervision departments, enterprises, such as sharing resources, can see his authority within the scope of the information.

          For mass data, the system adopts the core idea of cloud computing to manage and schedule a large number of computing resources connected with the network, and forms a computing resource pool to serve users on demand.
          user value
          Digital Quality safety Supervision integrated Management System:this system takes the project as the core, tracks and records the basic information, personnel allocation, law enforcement records of the whole project, and finally outputs various demand statements.5555.jpg


          The system can meet the internal office needs of residential government departments, gradually realize the paperless office requirements, and realize the business applications such as integrated business management of construction sites, mobile law enforcement, remote supervision of construction sites, management decision-making, external network information service, detection management, etc.
          Site visual remote management system
           The visual remote site management system of Hikvision can realize the following system values:
          Timely understand the construction site construction real-time situation, to ensure the quality of project implementation and personnel safety, found hidden dangers in time to eliminate.
          ØReal-time check on the construction site safety precautions in place, such as the structure of the safety net set, construction personnel in the operation of the border guard, construction personnel to wear safety helmet, scaffolding and bamboo scaffolding erection, cable wind rope fixed landing and use, hanging basket, installation and use, stage inlet and discharging platform floor protection, crane and hoist installation and operation, etc.;
          ØIt can carry out unified management of regional or national subordinate construction sites remotely, so as to avoid frequent on-site supervision and inspection with manpower and save management cost;
          ØIn case of abnormal conditions and emergencies, it can report to the police in time and remind the management personnel to deal with them in time;
          Øto find safety in the construction process is not in place, can immediately inform the construction unit of the scene changes, and check timely corrective effect;
          ØStrengthen the civilized construction management of the construction site, mainly for the site enclosure, building materials stacking, temporary site housing, fire, theft, construction signage Settings and other contents;

          • Tower crane safety monitoring and management system
            In the tower crane safety monitoring management system, through high precision sensor acquisition speed of wind speed, load, rotary, width and height information, the controller according to the real-time acquisition of information to make security alarm and risk aversion measures, at the same time, the related safety information sent to the server, speed regulator through the client view of each tower crane operation to the network.
                    In the cluster tower solution, real-time communication between tower crane and tower crane is carried out by WSN, so on the basis of the single tower solution, the location information of tower crane can be obtained and the problem of collision among the cluster towers can be solved.

            Engineering vehicle positioning system     
             This system on the basis of satellite positioning system, the communication control, computer network and intelligent management such as the integration of the vehicle positioning and visualization system will greatly improve the system of construction vehicle management problems, by presenting the construction vehicles disorderly place, limit driving speed, ensure safety, strengthen the supervision of the construction vehicle, make construction vehicles more standardized, safe and orderly.
            Construction lift safety monitoring system 
            Construction elevator safety monitoring system is in the process of construction elevator operation, monitoring the operational parameters of construction lifter, load, personnel, etc., and in the case of unsafe factors such as irregularities alarm, upload alarm data to the remote platform at the same time, for some unsafe operation of construction lifter for automatic control, to enhance the level of safe operation of the construction lifter.

                   This system will be distributed in the construction of the elevator monitoring information summary, from the system host through the mobile network (3G/GPRS) uploaded to the monitoring center.

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