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          Retail Visual Management System2020-07-22

          Project introduction

          According to the actual situation of the store, the scheme needs to use the existing network resources, and use THE ADSL line and the company network for network data
          transmission, so as to realize all functions of the network monitoring system at all levels.The monitoring plan requires the general monitoring center to be set up in the head office to become a network monitoring station, which can be adjusted to see any picture of any store in the system.

          Background and Challenges

          The characteristics of chain industry reflects the various shops scattered, and mostly not in a city or region, the environment is relatively complex, but the company less supervision management, management bring a lot of inconvenience to the store, to grasp dynamic shop at any time, adjust sales strategy, give full play to the function of the network monitoring is an economically optimal auxiliary management scheme.If this scheme is implemented, it will play a positive role in promoting novel management and improving the overall image of the brand.


          Supermarket chains       The monitoring system of supermarket chain stores adopts the whole grid structure, and each monitoring device runs in the special security network of the project.The system architecture is shown in the figure below:

          • 11.jpg

           The front-end camera enters the access layer switch through the nearest super five network cables, and the video signals of the fastball camera, gun camera and hemispheric camera are transmitted through the network cables.The control signal of the fast ball camera is also transmitted to the front camera through the network to achieve management control.
                  Alarm system to prevent important room (such as accounting office, led office, valuables storage room, etc.), important room (such as network center, data center, equipment) between intrusion alarm, in the important front to install various functions of alarm detection device, and through the centralized management and operation control of anti-theft alarm host, such as cloth, removal, etc., when the system after the alarm signal automatically send alarm signal, and prompt the relevant management personnel deal with alarm message in a timely manner.
                  Video surveillance system combined with alarm system constitutes a comprehensive security system.On the one hand, the system will automatically transmit the alarm signal to the control center, and the personnel on duty can determine the alarm location through the display of the alarm keyboard and the electronic map.On the other hand, it can also remind the attention of the personnel on duty through sound and light alarm and quickly deal with the alarm situation.
                  The central management of the store adopts the integrated platform all-in-one machine, which can decode and output analog video signals while managing the whole system, so as to facilitate the access of the display.Video storage equipment adopts network hard disk video recorder, each network hard disk video recorder can access up to 16 channels of video signals.The management computer is set up in the security center of the store, and the BS/CS client of the system is logged in by this machine to realize the unified management of the whole video management system.

          Store chain

           The monitoring system of store chain stores adopts a full grid structure. Since the area of stores is small and the network environment established is temporary, each monitoring device can be connected to a small router in the store.The system architecture is shown in the figure below:

          • 12.jpg


          The front camera enters the small router in the store through the super five network cables, and the video signals of the camera installed in the store are transmitted through the network cables.The control signal of the camera is also transmitted to the front camera through the network to achieve management control. The management of the store is Shared with the cashier desk to achieve the management of the monitoring equipment in the store.
                 The storage equipment USES network hard disk video recorder, each network hard disk video recorder can access up to 8 channels of video signals.


          The video signals of supermarket chain stores are transmitted to the central management room through the security network in the project by TCP/IP.The video signal can be transmitted to the monitor display and THE NVR recording by the main and sub-stream of the camera.
                The video signals of store chains are also transmitted by TCP/IP. The whole system can be accessed by a small router in the store, and all signaling transmission is completed by this device.

           Video storage

           In the back end of the system, hikvision network hard disk video recorder is used to store video signals. The structure of the system is relatively simple, and the comprehensive performance of the system largely depends on NVR (network hard disk video recorder) itself.The image storage time of the system design is 15 days. Finally, the selection of NVR shall calculate the number of NVR and the capacity and number of internal hard disks based on the path number and resolution of the front-end camera.According to the universal storage capacity calculation formula: capacity = number of channels *24*60*60* stream /8/1024/1024, it can be estimated how many hours (days) of several videos can be stored.

          Front camera

          The cameras used in the front end are network cameras, and the selection of equipment depends on the specific installation location and environment.The general selection principle should be:

          • Supermarket chains
            Underground parking garage: select tube camera with infrared function.
            Main entrance and exit: hemispheric camera or gun camera with bandwidth dynamic function is selected.
            Each fire channel: use low-illumination gun camera.
            Large area: indoor and outdoor fast ball cameras.
            Service desk: Select semi-spherical camera.
            Each cashier channel: select gun camera.
            Aisles and sales areas: use gun camera.

          • Store chain
            Store entrance and exit: hemispheric camera is selected.
            In the center of the store: 3 million or 6 million CMOS ICR fish-eye panoramic day and night webcams.
            Cash register: Use hemispheric camera.

          The establishment of headquarters management platform

           The headquarters management platform is the core of each chain store, and also an effective tool to monitor the situation of stores distributed throughout the country. The management platform is generally built in the headquarters of brand companies.According to the different needs of each company, we propose two construction schemes.In scheme A, different access rights can be realized to the business stores distributed throughout the country through the authorization of visitors.The system architecture is shown below:

            • 13.jpg

          In plan B, different access rights can be realized to the business stores distributed all over the country through authorization of visitors;At the same time, a marketing teaching system can be set up inside the headquarters. The sales director and sales training supervisor of the headquarters can use this platform to conduct practical training for regional supervisors. The system can directly control the display wall through iPAD, which is convenient for teachers to operate flexibly.The system architecture is shown below:


          • 14.jpg


          The above two construction schemes can realize remote shop inspection;Intelligent retrieval, playback and saving of remote online video data;Online display function.
          The system supports access to authorized device resources through the mobile client.Supports graphical view of authorized device status and resources through an electronic map deployed within the system.

           User Value

           Remote shop inspection     By self-built broadband Internet shop, you can directly see the store on the monitoring center computer scene scene images, but can be by the monitoring center monitor computer store network camera, fast ball forward end camera control instruction, adjust the camera lens focal length or control yuntai details of local observations, remote real-time sampling monitoring was carried out on the shop.While supervising the operation of the shop, it also ensures the normal and safe business of buyers and merchants in the shop, and provides the basis for the punishment of those who violate the regulations.

          Local video       In accordance with the requirements of the company and the operator, each store shall keep the local surveillance video data in a certain period of time, so as to provide the effective basis for the company and the store manager to conduct accident analysis after the occurrence of an emergency.In addition, there is no need to add any additional equipment at the shop end, shop owners can use the local computer to view the real-time monitoring images of the scene.

          Intelligent retrieval, playback and saving of remote online video data        The company's managers can remote access to the video record of the store at any time, and time, name of the shop, the camera can be numbered elements such as the rapid retrieval and playback of video data shows that in the necessary circumstances can also be related to video data transfer to a third party on a storage medium, so as to avoid high spending a large video storage server.

          Online display      The system supports opening to authorized users. Any authorized Internet user can log in and watch the on-site situation of the store. The store owner can use this system to fully demonstrate its operating environment to the outside world.

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